People Think CPR is More Effective Than It Really Is, Study Finds

added 27.07.2020 03:20

Image of article 'People Think CPR is More Effective Than It Really Is, Study Finds'

Long-time Slashdot reader schwit1 shared this article from HealthDay: In earlier studies, patients have pegged CPR survival rates at between 19% and 75%.

But the real rate of survival is about 12% for cardiac arrests that occur outside hospitals and between 24% and 40% for those that happen in the hospital, according to the report published online July 13 in the Emergency Medicine Journal.

Fifty-three percent said they had done or witnessed CPR, and 64% had taken a CPR course.

About half said the success rate of CPR topped 75%.

But only 28% had discussed CPR with a doctor, the investigators noted in a journal news release.

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