I’ve been furloughed – can my company stop me from taking side work

published 26.07.2020 14:28

Image of article 'I’ve been furloughed     –     can my company stop me from taking side work'

It’s certainly understandable and legal for an employer to restrict furloughed employees from working for a competitor because you are still an employee and receiving benefits.

Many people have side hustles even during normal times, provided it isn’t a violation of their primary employer’s policies.

I know that the state’s workers handling unemployment claims are incredibly taxed, but so am I. I am completely out of money, unable to pay rent, and my credit has been hit.

You might try re-applying — there isn’t the same crush of applications now as there was in April — and explain to a new case worker what happened so that you receive the back benefits that you are entitled to.

Many employers are helping laid-off staff with transition services.

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