20 years ago, Steve Jobs built the “coolest computer ever”—and it bombed

published 26.07.2020 13:07

Image of article '20 years ago, Steve Jobs built the “coolest computer ever”—and it bombed'

But here is something else about Jobs and the Cube that speaks not of failure but why he was a successful leader.

He showed me how Apple had eliminated the tray that held CDs—with the Cube, you just hovered the disk over the slot and the machine inhaled it.

The idea of such a quick turnaround was nowhere in the mind of Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the eve of the product’s announcement at that summer 2000 Macworld Expo.

It also marks the 19th anniversary of Apple’s announcement that it was putting the Cube on ice.

In a 2017 talk at Oxford, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about the G4 Cube, which he described as “a spectacular commercial failure, from the first day, almost.”

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