Weekly poll results: fast charging is well loved, moreso when it's standards-compliant

published 26.07.2020 10:12

Last week’s poll shows that money spent on fast charging RD was a great investment by smartphone makers.

Most people now expect to keep their phone for 3 years so battery degradation is certainly a worry.

A large battery and an overnight charge with a slow wired or a wireless charger is good enough for a quarter of voters.

That said, wireless charging, be it fast or slow, doesn’t seem particularly popular, even though it’s quite common on phones these days.

Smartphone makers may want to add charging controls on their phones, similar to what Asus did with the ROG Phone 3 – it comes with a 30W charger, but you can limit it to 10W and cap the maximum charge at 80% or 90%.

by Peter from gsmarena.com

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