Tens Of Thousands March In Russia During Second Week Of Anti-Putin Protests

added 26.07.2020 16:43

TIME Furgal's Putin-picked successor, Mikhail Degtyaryov, is also a member of the Liberal-Democratic Party, which was apparently done in an attempt to calm down locals over the change in management.

Furgal earned a reputation as a “people’s governor,” cutting his own salary, ordering the sale of an expensive yacht that the previous administration had bought and offering new subsidies to the population.

Protesters claim the charges against Furgal are unsubstantiated, and he should be allowed to stand trial at home.

Governor Sergei Furgal was arrested July 9 and swiftly replaced after Russian President Vladimir Putin named an acting successor, according to TIME.

Tens of thousands of Russians marched in the city of Khabarovsk over the arrest of a regional governor on charges of murder, in what is now the second week of protests against the Kremlin.

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