2 Top Pot Stocks to Buy in a Recession

published 26.07.2020 14:10

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Before deciding which of these two stocks is better, let's look at their price-to-sales ratios compared with some of their peers: GWPH PS Ratio data by YCharts GW is a bit on the expensive side, but remember, this is a company that's still experiencing significant revenue growth, which could result in that ratio declining as the year goes on.

And while its growth rate may not be as strong as GW's is right now, Trulieve's stronger bottom line makes up for it, with the company reporting profits in seven straight quarters.

Trulieve Trulieve Cannabis (OTC:TCNN.F) makes the list for the same reason GW does: For many of its patients, Trulieve's products are essential.

The company is growing at a great rate, its stock isn't far from breakeven, and its top product is a cannabidiol (CBD)-based drug that's essential for its patients, which means demand isn't likely to waiver.

That's why despite a more expensive valuation (for now), GW's stock gets the edge for investors looking for a cannabis investment that's safe to hold during a recession.

by David Jagielski from fool.com

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