This Shoe Business Used Its 'Shark Tank' Boost to Fight Covid

published 30.06.2020 07:30

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The idea for Muvez came from Ryan Cruz's college thesis in 2013, for which he was tasked with improving an everyday product.

While continuing that campaign for the foreseeable future, the Jersey City, New Jersey-based company also has launched a local philanthropic effort: Donating Muvez shoes to hospital workers in the area and working with other companies to deliver food and water.

Companies that appear on Shark Tank, regardless of whether or not they get a deal, typically experience a spike in interest after their episodes air: In the nearly three months following the show, Zamora and brothers Eric and Ryan Cruz quadrupled their entire 2019 revenue of $100,000.

"We knew that we were going to have a really big platform," says Kevin Zamora, one of the three co-founders of Muvez, a slipper that can convert to a sneaker by adding a lightweight foam sole.

When the founders of Muvez learned their Shark Tank episode would air in early April, amid the pandemic, they decided to use the expected surge in business for good.