Future-Proofing Your Data Science Team

published 29.06.2020 20:00

by Dean Wood, from r-bloggers.com
Image of article 'Future-Proofing Your Data Science Team'

This is a guest post from RStudio’s partner, Mango Solutions As RStudio’s Carl Howe recently discussed in his blog post on equipping remote data science teams, with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis, companies have been increasingly forced to adopt working from home policies.

Newly formed remote data science teams need to maintain productivity and continue to drive effective stakeholder communication and business value, and the only way to achieve this is through appropriate infrastructure and well-defined ways of working.

Providing your data science team with a cloud-based environment has a number of benefits: This last point cannot be overstated.

By contrast, here at Mango, our data science platform strategy allowed us to switch seamlessly to remote working, add value to our partners, and deliver insights when they were needed most.

Your data science team may create insights from your data, but they are like a rudderless ship without input from the business.