Is Remote Work Here To Stay

published 30.06.2020 02:00

by Greg Rosalsky from
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Companies, Brynjolfsson believes, are now realizing remote work is less scary than they had imagined and that it's actually making them more efficient and productive.

The core idea of the J-Curve, he says, is "when you have a powerful new technology like electricity or the Internet or the steam engine or artificial intelligence — work does not instantly change to take advantage of it."

A computer screen can't match the physical office when it comes to opportunities for social bonding, managerial oversight, mentorship and support, and random collisions between colleagues that lead to new ideas.

A new study by Erik Brynjolfsson, at MIT, and five other economists, digs into the numbers on remote work.

But this grand experiment of remote work, he says, is forcing companies to rethink their operations, drop an outdated mindset, and discover more efficient ways of working.