Personal COVID-19 Challenges Provide Data Requirements Analysis Example

published 29.06.2020 00:07

In this case, recipients miss the opportunity to acquire something they need, delaying the time to acquisition until the next shopper decides to go to that particular store.

Another example is the need for the shopper to tally up all the amounts owed, communicate that to the recipients and request the reimbursements.

If a shopper is going to a particular source, that shopper should be able to see what items are being requested by all of the recipients.

It allows you to add your request to a list that any shopper will be able to see whenever that shopper goes to a particular location (Requirement 3).

Once the item has been acquired, that item should be removed from the request list so that no one else tries to purchase it (Requirement 4), and the shopper should be able to log the prices of all purchased items (Requirement 5) and the amounts purchased for each recipient so that the reimbursements can be automatically calculated (requirement 6).