Have a safe and sane Independence Day with these great apps

published 30.06.2020 19:00

by Christine Chan from feeds.imore.com

Climacell is an app that helps you plan out your entire day based around hyper-accurate weather forecasts, down to the minute and street.

American History App: Timeline Source: Touchzing Media Independence Day is about celebrating America's independence from Britain in 1776.

So while some may not have real fireworks, there are apps to help you get your fill of colorful light explosions virtually, like Fireworks Pro, and these are especially fun for kids or anyone else who doesn't care for real fireworks.

Once you have your favorite fireworks, you can use the app to scan QR codes on TNT products for video previews of performance.

Here are some apps to help you celebrate the good ol' US of A. TNT Fireworks Source: TNT Fireworks You can't have a Fourth of July without fireworks!