Scientists astonished as 'monster star' mysteriously disappears

published 30.06.2020 11:19

by Andrew Griffin from
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But when researchers looked back to the galaxy in 2019, they found neither any trace of the star, or of the supernova that would indicate its death.

Those stars are in particularly frantic parts of their lifecycle, and so change quickly – but tend to leave behind some signatures that can be picked up by scientists.

The Kinman Dwarf galaxy is found in the constellation of Aquarius, and is so far away that astronomers are not able to see specific stars.

The star – located around 75 million light years away, in the Kinman Dwarf Galaxy – can no longer be seen, and scientists are not sure why.

Instead, the object appeared to have disappeared "It would be highly unusual for such a massive star to disappear without producing a bright supernova explosion,” said Mr Allan in the same statement.