Here Are Some of the Easiest Ways to Earn Credits in Star Wars Battlefront II

published 30.06.2020 00:35

by Phil Hornshaw from

Like the last Battlefront, in which you earned experience points to unlock new weapons and abilities over time, Battlefront II uses a similar multi-pronged approach that requires you to complete challenges, earn currency, and upgrade abilities for your classes.

In addition to earning credits for completing multiplayer matches, Battlefront II gives you credits, crafting parts, and sometimes crates for completing challenges tied to your classes, your guns, and different game modes, which are called milestones.

Finishing the campaign is a good way to increase your credit count and give you a few handy star cards to kick-start your progress for each of your characters.

There are milestones tied to each of the different game modes in Battlefront II.

There are a lot of milestones available in the mode, and while it isn’t as lucrative or easy as the single-player campaign, arcade is a good change of pace from multiplayer, and it’s great if you want to bring a friend along.