MIT’s coronavirus-killer robot uses UV-C light to disinfect warehouses

published 30.06.2020 14:40

by Thomas Macaulay from
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A new MIT robot that uses UV light to kill the coronavirus could be used to disinfect warehouses, schools, and offices.

In tests, the robot covered a 4,000 square foot area of the warehouse within 30 minutes, providing enough light to neutralize around 90% of coronavirus particles.

Increasing autonomy The system uses a short-wavelength of ultraviolet light, known as UV-C, to break apart germ DNA.

In the food bank, the position of pallets varies every day as staff move them to different aisles in the warehouse.

[Read: How an AI learned to stitch up patients by studying surgical videos] The system currently uses a 3D camera to navigate around obstacles and 2D LiDARS to measure distances by illuminating targets with light.