Elementary Robotics raises $12.7 million to automate industrial inspections

published 30.06.2020 15:00

by Kyle Wiggers from venturebeat.com
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But he believes the company is poised to become a “world leader” in assistive robotics, in part because of a proprietary vision stack with a lower bill of materials than many competing systems.

CEO Arye Barnehama, who previously founded and sold wearable technology company Melon to Daqri, an industrial augmented reality startup that went on to raise $275 million, wasn’t willing to reveal much beyond the basics about Elementary’s solutions.

Elementary offers a “full stack” robotic solution, with everything from motor controls to an API that “enables machine learning from the ground up.”

The company, which has kept a low profile since its founding in 2017, offers products that automate industrial inspections using a combination of hardware, software, machine learning, and computer vision to identify defects — including those manufacturers might not be aware of.

Elementary Robotics, a robotics company developing tools to automate industrial tasks, today announced it has raised a $12.7 million round.