Here's where you can watch the Crysis Remastered gameplay reveal

published 30.06.2020 03:28

by Anthony Garreffa from
Image of article 'Here's where you can watch the Crysis Remastered gameplay reveal'

Crytek is about the melt the internet with the first gameplay footage from Crysis Remastered.

EA and Crytek are gearing up the world's first gameplay footage of Crysis Remastered, where after it was teased and later confirmed, Crysis Remastered will have its first gameplay footage revealed at July 1 at 12PM ET / 9AM PST.

You can watch it right here in the above YouTube video, from the official Crytek YouTube account titled 'Crysis Remastered - Official Gameplay Trailer Premiere'.

As for what to expect during the Crysis Remastered gameplay reveal, we should get some next-gen graphics through one of the best-looking games of the last couple of decades.

Crytek have put some incredible work into Crysis Remastered from a technical perspective, and hardware has changed dramatically in that time.