Why was TikTok banned in India but PUBG was not

published 30.06.2020 14:28

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According to some insiders, its Korean origin is what may have saved PUBG in Round 1 of Modi govt's China purge.

But despite an undeniable Chinese footprint in PUBG's marketing, the product still retains its mixed-owner character.

After the product conquered the Chinese market in no time, Tencent brought it to India.

Even as the sudden ban left TikTok's Indian fans high and dry, there was palpable relief among the users of PUBG — the highly-addictive, world-famous game that has held millions in India in thrall since its inception.

In the wake of India's deepening mistrust of all things China amid a bitter border feud, Modi government yesterday executed a ban on 59 Chinese apps in a dramatic move that may have been in the making for some time.