Before starting business

published 30.06.2020 12:00

by Justus Lyatuu from
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According to Mr Ocici, it is very dangerous for any entrepreneur to believe that starting a business is just about having the money.

Mr Ocici said, “Business is not all about capital or handouts but it is a package of many other resources put together to deliver a solution.

Do not go into a business where you inject your money and when the business is three-quarters away, you still need a quarter of the resources,” he said.

“Adequacy of the resources to take the business from zero to until you can serve a customer and get money back.

Seek for information “Visit business clinics, Uganda Investment Authority, PSFU, Enterprise Uganda , MUBS have clinics you can put in some money and it will be worth your investment.They teach how to have a vision, make a business plan, marketing, customer care all this is learnt before going into business.”