Google says it will no longer save a complete record of every search

published 24.06.2020 19:00

by Alex Hern from

Google will no longer save a complete record of every search made by new users, the company says, as it launches a push to promote its privacy credentials against concerted competition from arch-rival Apple.

The company will now automatically delete its saved records of a new user’s activity on the web and in its apps after 18 months, chief executive Sundar Pichai announced on Wednesday.

Auto-deletion, which was first introduced as an option last year, allows privacy-sensitive users to continue to use the company’s “smart” services, without building a years-long record of their activity on the web.

Some of those users will receive, or will already have received, an email from Google reminding them to complete the company’s “privacy check-up”, which explicitly asks them if they want to store the data.

Google’s auto-deletion features, by contrast, allow the company to continue to gather user data, and personalise products with it, while reassuring the privacy-conscious that their information will not be stored indefinitely.