The Facebook Groups Where People Pretend the Pandemic Isn’t Happening

published 04.06.2020 16:05

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Even the awkwardness of daily life is re-created in the virtual music venue, through posts such as “holds an empty cup the whole show because I don't know what else to do with my hands” and the riffing comments beneath them.

Losing track of a friend in a packed bar or screaming to be heard over a live band is not something that’s happening much in the real world at the moment, but it happens all the time in the 2,100-person Facebook group “a group where we all pretend we’re in the same venue.”

I know it seems lame, but you’ll hear the show a lot better and undistorted,” another attendee offered shortly after.

“Has anyone seen my friend Josh?”

The group was created in May by Natalie Miller, a 20-year-old fast-food worker from South Carolina who says she’s been missing live music more than any other aspect of pre-pandemic life.

by Kaitlyn Tiffany from

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