Drone night flights approved to protect India against locusts

published 30.06.2020 14:42

India‘s Civil Aviation Ministry has given the go-ahead for the first time for drones to fly during nightfall to help fight locusts swarming on large trees across northwest and central India.

The new drones are equipped with thermal cameras to better locate the locusts in the dark by detecting the heat signatures created by the small insect.

To date, three drones have been deployed to detect and destroy the locust swarms, with another 15 planned to be built soon.

Amber Dubey, joint secretary at India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation, congratulated the team behind the drones on getting the first-ever approval for night flights in India.

Dubey said: Drones have been fighting locust swarms in various African countries over the last couple of years, with India now joining the African continent.