Google acquires holographic glasses startup North

published 30.06.2020 17:11

by Paul Sawers from
Image of article 'Google acquires holographic glasses startup North'

North’s closure also raises questions for consumers who shelled out $1,000 for the glasses less than two years ago.

Though Google Glass didn’t quite work out as a consumer product, Google later repositioned the product for the enterprise, where the company still hopes to gain traction across manufacturing and other industries.

In a separate blog post today, North’s founders said the company was winding down Focals 1.0 — which presumably means it will no longer offer support for existing users — and would not be shipping Focals 2.0 as planned.

North’s first product, Focals, were glasses that connect to the user’s smartphone over Bluetooth to display key notifications directly in the wearer’s field of view.

Google confirmed today that it has acquired North, a Canadian augmented reality (AR) wearables company backed by Amazon and Intel.