Europe Is Drowning In SUV Emissions

published 29.06.2020 21:51

by Steve Hanley from
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Last year, 38% of new car sales in the EU were SUVS.

Green Car Congress points out that is below the current maximum for Europe of 130 g/km but well above the EU target of 95 g/km that phases in this year.

According to preliminary data released last week by the European Environmental Agency, average emissions from passenger cars has risen in each of the past three years.

We feature lots of stories about how the majority of new cars sold in Norway have plugs and how sales of EVs in France have doubled year over year, but the truth of the matter is, despite all that good news, vehicle emissions in Europe are rising rather than falling, and the mania for SUVs that has infected the brains of car buyers around the globe is largely to blame.

Of the nearly 15.5 million new cars sold in Europe, Iceland, Norway, and the UK last year, 59% were powered by gasoline engines, while diesels accounted for 31%.