1Password taps Have I Been Pwned to give enterprises data breach reports

published 29.06.2020 15:00

by Paul Sawers from venturebeat.com
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Any business enrolled in 1Password Teams or 1Password Business will be able to create a quick report that checks all email addresses on the company’s domain against nearly 10 billion compromised accounts listed on the HIBP database.

Now baked directly into one of the world’s most popular password management services, HIBP seems likely to complement 1Password’s existing security tools for enterprise customers.

Above: 1Password breach report, powered by HIBP Password hygiene Founded out of Toronto in 2005, 1Password is one of a number of password management services that help consumers and businesses store passwords securely, enabling them to log into myriad online services with a single click.

With 1Password’s new domain breach report offering, the company is making it easier for its business customers to identify employee accounts that have been compromised, alert impacted users, and urge them to create new passwords generated by 1Password.

Password-management platform 1Password has announced a new breach report service for enterprises, using data from the Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) password breach database.