New Windows 10 Edge update is slowing some PCs

published 29.06.2020 09:06

by Rob Thubron from

Facepalm: Have you found that your PC is slower than usual after installing the recent Windows 10 update for the Edge browser?

A number of users are reporting that their system performance and boot times have been negatively impacted by Windows 10 KB4559309 (Edge update).

As reported by Windows Latest, last month saw Microsoft pushing out a new Windows 10 update that automatically updates Edge.

Depending on your version of Windows, you’ll receive either KB4559309, KB4541301, or KB4541302.

Fixing problems caused by dodgy Windows updates is usually a matter of simply uninstalling them, but trying to do that with KB4559309 will bring up a message stating the “update is required and cannot be uninstalled.”