These e-bike accessories make riding more practical, safe, and fun

published 30.06.2020 02:49

by Napier Lopez from

Redshift ShockStop Suspension Seatpost Most of us don’t have full-suspension mountain bikes, but with the way some city streets are maintained, we might as well.

Though the locks themselves only physically secure a few key components in my setup, the alarms mean I so far haven’t had any lights, pedals, phone mounts, or other accessories stolen despite leaving my e-bike out for hours on end – which is saying a lot for NY.

And if your bike already comes with a rack, you can use an optional rack mount that’ll provide enough clearance for carrying panniers alongside the Travoy for those truly massive grocery lists.

The Wald Quick Release front basket is an excellent solution for bikes that don’t come with front rack mounts.

The ~$80 Revelo Thinstem fixes that with such a simple but clever idea that I can’t believe it’s not more common: it allows you to rotate the handlebars without turning the front wheel, turning your bike from an obstruction a couple of feet wide, to taking up just a few inches of horizontal space.