Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Rumors, News, Availability, Pricing

published 25.06.2020 15:00

by Philip Berne from
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There’s a Samsung patent that covers waterproofing a Galaxy Fold device, but it would seem a technological leap for Samsung to jump from a device with no ingress protection whatsoever to a water-resistant phone.

The original Galaxy Fold launched in snazzy colors, but after its first delay, a few of those options didn’t make it to market.

The original Galaxy Fold sold for almost $2,000, but Samsung saw even more success with the Galaxy Z Flip, which sells for around $1,400 itself.

The Galaxy Fold is so delicate that Samsung includes a free screen repair in the first year.

The original Galaxy Fold did fine with its 4380mAh battery, and the new device will get a battery somewhere in the 4500 to 5000mAh range.