Sorry, eBay and Uber. You’re Hated.

published 24.06.2020 18:44

by Shira Ovide from
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The regulator is treating two major concerns about Facebook — violations of people’s privacy and potential abuses of the company’s power — not as disparate issues but as two sides of the same coin.

Because Facebook tracks everything you say about yourself inside its digital walls, and tracks your activity online and in the real world, the company is armed with so much information that it can find Ford exactly the people who might buy a new pickup.

Restaurants’ grievances with food delivery companies, app developers’ fury at Apple, merchants’ complaints about Amazon, and couriers’ gripes about Uber and Instacart share an underlying problem.

The technology industry loves middlemen companies — the industry calls them two-sided marketplaces.

Confrontations over inequality are happening in many companies, but my colleague Karen Weise writes that this turmoil is unusual at Amazon, which has a large percentage of black employees in its warehouses and a C.E.O. who has publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement.