Xbox boss says Series X will have better hardware and games than PS5

published 29.06.2020 18:48

by Jacob Siegal from

Spencer has been refreshingly honest throughout his tenure as the head of the Xbox brand, and if he was unfazed by the incredibly well-received PS5 Future of Gaming event from Sony, that bodes well for future Xbox Series X owners.

Microsoft has been an open book, revealing the design, features, and specifications of the Xbox Series X, while Sony was all but silent until its PS5 event in June, where we saw tons of next-gen games in action and got our first glimpse of the hardware.

Spencer says that not only will the Xbox Series X have a hardware advantage over the PS5, but also thinks games will be “a strength for [Xbox Series X] at launch.”

Xbox Series X vs. PS5: Xbox head Phil Spencer says he feels good about the Xbox Series X after watching the PS5 Future of Gaming event earlier this month.

We’ve known for quite some time that the Xbox Series X will have more raw power than the PS5, but Spencer also suggests that the library of games on Xbox Series X at launch might upstage the PS5.