Outdoor dining "last chance" for restaurants says Ben Masterton-Smith

published 29.06.2020 13:15

by Natasha Levy from dezeen.com

By closing off the roads to traffic, restaurants and bars in the area will have more outdoor floor space where guests can safely drink and dine whilst maintaining social distancing.

"These outdoor areas will ultimately be the shop window to the restaurants and bars so inevitably they will be important visually to attract their audience," Masterton-Smith told Dezeen.

Restaurants "don't have budgets to commit to grand designs" Masterton-Smith designed Social Soho, after speaking with local operators, to focus on low-cost, understated ideas that could potentially be implemented by 4 July – the date set by the UK government for the reopening of restaurants and bars.

"In spatial terms, it is still about creating enticing environments" Masterton-Smith believes that creating enticing and safe outdoor areas is essential for attracting people into restaurants.

Alfresco dining in UK has been held back by "little trust" Although Social Soho was devised in a direct response to coronavirus, Masterton-Smith thinks that outdoor dining has the potential to be popular beyond the pandemic – and could even have some environmental benefits.