Mac mini developer test kit shows the promise of Apple Silicon

published 29.06.2020 19:10

by Ed Hardy from

Apple put the A12Z Bionic chip in the Mac mini Developer Transition Kit because that’s the processor it has right now.

The Mac mini DTK uses an A12Z Bionic with 4 performance cores running at 2.49GHz.

To get developers started porting their applications to the new platform, Apple introduced a Mac mini Developer Transition Kit with an iPad Pro processor and macOS 11 beta 1.

A benchmark done on a Mac mini running Apple Silicon hints that these processors will live up to the promise that they’ll offer performance comparable to Intel chips.

Given that the only benchmark we have is for a test device running beta software on a 2-year-old processor, it’s much too early to say anything definitive about the performance the next generation of macOS desktops and laptops with Apple Silicon.