Microsoft’s new Windows 10 app can help you undo some serious damage

published 29.06.2020 21:42

by Jacob Siegal from

But if you have lost a document, a photo, or a video on an internal drive, external drive, or USB device, it might be worth downloading Windows File Recovering and giving it a go.

Thankfully, the search just got much easier, as Microsoft quietly launched a file recovery tool of its own on Windows 10 a few days ago, and you can get it free on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft says Windows File Recovery can recover photos, documents, videos, and more.

Microsoft released a new Windows 10 app called Windows File Recovery that can help you recover deleted files that you can’t find in the Recycle Bin.

Microsoft also explains that there are three modes that a Windows 10 user has access to in the app: Default mode: This mode uses the Master File Table (MFT) to locate lost files.