McDonald's will add EV chargers to hundreds of its UK restaurants — and I'm lovin' it

published 29.06.2020 12:44

by Matthew Beedham from

As Burger King in the US is giving away free burgers to irresponsible Tesla drivers, on the other side of the Atlantic, McDonald’s UK is rolling out EV fast-chargers at its restaurants.

The UK arm of the fast-food chain is reportedly installing hundreds of EV chargers at its locations around the country after agreeing a partnership with infrastructure provider, InstaVolt, the Independent reports.

For reference, there are 924 McDonald’s drive-thrus across the UK and Northern Ireland — that’s a lot of chargers.

It seems this news is just an announcement of the deal, we can expect full details on what restaurants will install EV chargers first in the coming months.

One thing’s for sure though, let’s hope the EV chargers are more reliable than the McDonald’s McFlurry machines, eh.