Ruger's LCR Gun: The Best Self Defense Revolver on the Planet

published 29.06.2020 06:30

by Kyle Mizokami from

The Ruger LCR series of revolvers are small, powerful handguns packed with the latest in technological innovations.

The Ruger LCRx series offers the LCR with longer three-inch barrels and low-profile external hammers, resulting in a double action/single action revolver.

As a result—unlike many revolvers with external hammers—the LCR cannot shoot in single action mode and is double action only.

First introduced in 2009, the LCR was a clean-sheet design unlike any revolver Ruger, or any other handgun manufacturer for that matter, had ever built before.

Largely displaced in the 1980s by a frenzy of interest in low-cost, high capacity 9-millimeter pistols, new interest in these short, compact revolvers was led in the late-2000s by the Ruger LCR, an entirely new revolver design that skillfully blended steel, aluminum, and even polymer into a very lightweight weapon.