Report: Harley Quinn Is On Its Way to HBO Max, Which Might Not Bode Well for DC Universe

published 28.06.2020 16:45

Harley Quinn, the devious animated series starring the DC anti-villainess, seems like it will be headed to HBO Max sometime in the near future.

According to u/spoke7 and u/eze352 (whose post was removed for unclear reasons) on Reddit, a newsletter sent out to HBO Max subscribers recently listed Harley Quinn as being one of the things headed to the platform sometime in the near future, marked as “Coming Soon.”

If this newsletter is true—Warner Bros. has yet to confirm the matter in any other announcement—it could mean a new step in the strange relationship between the sister streaming services of HBO Max and DC Universe.

Both purport to serve fans of DC’s superheroic outings, but as we’ve reported previously, HBO Max only has a sampling of what DC Universe offers, with no clear rhyme or reason to what content it does or doesn’t have.

But if DC Universe originals are finally going to start showing up on HBO Max, it might foreshadow bigger moves to consolidate the two platforms, harmonizing their content offerings or even, eventually, shuttering DC Universe entirely.