PSA: Google Records & Keeps ALL Your Voice Searches! Here’s How to Delete & Disable Them

published 28.06.2020 12:12

by Jamie from

If you’ve ever played around with Google voice search whether through your desktop, smartphone or any other devices, they have all the recordings kept.

However, many do not know that Google also keeps a record of ALL your voice searches in their database.

We all know that Google keeps a record of our personal search data for making personalized search results on the web.

In terms of usability though, Google Assistant trumps Siri thanks to the utilisation of Google’s immense user search data.

You will have an option as per below to input the range of the search data you want to delete: If you’re not gonna let Google keep any of these data, you can disable search history of certain things by: Oh by the way, Google also keeps all the locations you’ve been to if you allow ‘Location history‘ under ‘Activity controls‘.