Elon Musk: The Internet's Most Loved and Hated Meme

published 28.06.2020 14:00

by Meira Gebel from digitaltrends.com
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In 2019, Musk was forced to step down as Tesla’s chairman over that tweet, which landed him in hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“He behaves like a happy child,” said Emil Senkel, a 17-year-old Musk fan currently saving for his own Tesla Model 3.

Spanish investor Sam Kelly, and notable Tesla devotee, said if the public doesn’t start to place people like Musk in higher regard, “mankind may not have much of a future at all.”

Over the past few years, Musk, whose birthday is Sunday, June 28, has built up a reputation for himself, not only as an eccentric chief executive, tech giant, and billionaire, but also as a famed internet personality — one who is both revered and despised.

Supporters see Tesla and SpaceX, with Musk at the helm, as the mecca of all things innovative and futuristic.