History Hell: These 5 Submarine Accidents Were True Disasters

published 27.06.2020 21:30

by Tni Staff from nationalinterest.org

More From The National Interest: Russia Has Missing Nuclear Weapons Sitting on the Ocean Floor How China Could Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Where World War III Could Start This Year How the F-35 Stealth Fighter Almost Never Happened Since the Second World War, the United States, Russia and China—and a host of other nations—have lost vessels and their crews to accidents.

Even the highest technology nuclear submarines can end up on the ocean floor if the crew isn’t careful or the technology fails.

More of the crew might have been saved if the Soviet navy had acted more quickly to mount a rescue nuclear reactor and its two nuclear warheads remain onboard the stricken hull under 5,500ft of water in the Barents Sea—a disaster waiting to happen again.

(K-8 didn’t have a name, the Soviet Union only rarely named its submarines) The submarine had originally caught fire on April 8, 1970, during an exercise in two separate compartments.

While Russia and the Soviet Union have had their fair share of submarine disasters, the United States Navy has lost submarines too.