Winner and loser of the week: artful keynotes and boiling blood

published 28.06.2020 23:00

by Julia Froolyks from

Winner of the week: Apple and its rosy future But let's be honest, I have seen Porsche driving over stages and trapeze artists flying around in a balancing act on the keynote stages of the world.

© WhatsApp I reported last week that the WhatsApp Pay payment service was rolled out in Brazil.

Loser of the week: Marc Zuckerberg and his cursed empire "Mirror, mirror on the wall: who is the most powerful man in the whole country?"

There's a good chance for the visionaries of OnePlus to take Apple's place next week.

If Apple hadn't set off these joyous fireworks in me on Monday, OnePlus would have been a good candidate for the winner of the week.