Virus raises stakes in New Mexico landmark education lawsuit

added 29.06.2020 02:53

by Cedar Attanasio from
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New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty lawyers representing Yazzie will argue that the state fell short and will ask the court to compel the state to comply with the order.

A fifth of all students lacked internet access at home when New Mexico schools shut down due to COVID-19, according to a March survey cited by legislative researchers.

Lujan Grisham has acknowledged that New Mexico’s public education system has operated for years with unacceptable deficiencies for students of color and students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - It will be up to a state district judge to consider dueling motions Monday to dismiss or more aggressively enforce a 2018 ruling that found the state failed to provide New Mexico children a sufficient education.

“​The intent of the motion to dismiss is not to disagree with the critically necessary rebuilding and restructuring of New Mexico’s public education - it is to ensure that educational policy is set by education experts, not by court decree,” Meyers Sackett said.