As Revenge On Ex Girl Friend, Pakistani Man Orders Online Pizza

published 28.06.2020 06:15

by Shamail Abbas from

Aman named Harris from Karachi, Pakistan shared his revenge on ex-GF story in a Facebook post describing how he got back at his ex-girlfriend by ordering food costing Rs 13,470.00 (£144.35) from Pizza Hut.

The latest of revenge stories circulating online involves Harris who was dumped because he couldn’t buy his ex-girlfriend a present on her birthday.

Harris, who seemed to be the sweetest ex in the world, ordered the pizza with extra ketchup for his ex-girlfriend.

The ex-girlfriend who was oblivious of what was to happen said: “Harris I said I’m sorry.

Upon realising that the food had, in fact, not been paid for, she said: Instead of replying Harris blocked his ex-girlfriend and took to Facebook to share their conversation.