VIDEO: Yes, U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Can Sorta Turn on a Dime

published 27.06.2020 22:00

by James Clark from

Just watch this brief yet delicious Navy video of the Lincoln performing high-speed turns in the Atlantic Ocean.

But just because the Lincoln’s hauling hundreds of tons of high-tech equipment, dozens of aircraft, and thousands of sailors doesn’t mean the carrier can’t turn on a dime at more than 30 knots.

Its motto of “shall not perish,” culled from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, is no wishful thinking: the Lincoln wasn’t just built to fight, but endure.

At 1,092 feet long, 252 feet wide and nearly 100,000 tons of naval engineering expertise, the nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft carrier wasn’t designed to chase Russian submarines or blow up Somali pirates, but to serve as a floating hub for American airpower across the planet.

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