Heterosexual Couples Get Better Sleep When Together, Study Suggests

published 28.06.2020 10:46

by Kaleem Naqvi from technologytimes.pk

Others have found men get more sleep than their partner.

Sleeping together did seem to cause each partner’s body to kick around a little more than usual, but the increased movement didn’t seem to interfere with sleep quality in any appreciable way.

But the fact they had improved sleep quality is a fairly convincing sign that for many couples, having a partner close at night is better than going solo.

There were just 24 individuals involved in the study, all young and healthy with no sleep apnea or other sleep disturbing concerns.

So if you’re young, healthy, hetero and happy to share a bed – and have a thing for snuggling up in a sleep laboratory – your brain could thank you for having a loving partner nearby when you drift off to la-la land.