BeOS - Inspired Haiku Working On Supporting Modern CPU Features Like AVX

added 28.06.2020 19:19

Haiku is also seeing work done for bringing up secondary displays, including via secondary graphics cards.Those interested in the work being done to better support Haiku on modern hardware can see the latest monthly status report on Haiku-OS.

Aside from supporting modern CPU instruction set extensions, Haiku has been seeing new drivers for WMI and SMBios handling.There has also been pulling of more network driver code from FreeBSD, finalizing their NVMe storage driver, audio fixes, and other new device support.

Haiku R1 beta 2 shipped earlier this month while in addition the developers have been working on some modern hardware support improvements.Handling of modern x86 CPU features has been in the works including for the likes of Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), XSAVE, and others.

The open-source Haiku operating system that continues maintaining compatibility with BeOS and inspiration from its design has continued in its quest of better supporting modern hardware.

by Michael Larabel from

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