Xbox Architecture | A Practical Analysis

published 26.06.2020 02:00

by Rodrigo Copetti from
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The Microarchitecture When it comes to building a circuit that can interpret x86 instructions, Intel has come up with so many different designs for their CPUs.

Even though x86 first appeared with the release of the 16-bit CPU called Intel 8086 in 1978, the ISA has been constantly expanded with more instructions as more Intel CPUs were released (80186, 80286 and so on).

The first the Instruction Set Architecture or ‘ISA’ (the group of instructions used to command the CPU), Microarchitecture (how is the ISA implemented in silicon) and the Core (what set of components are used to package the microarchitecture to form the specific CPU model).

CPU The processor included in this console is a slightly customised version of the famous Intel Pentium III (an off-the-shelf CPU for computers) running at 733 MHz.

Back to the original question, the P6 is an interesting design, because while the CPU only understands a CISC instruction set (x86), it interprets the ISA using microcode (called ‘micro-operations’) and the unit that executes that code is built around the guidelines of RISC.