NCRB revises tender for facial-recognition system, scraps CCTV camera clause

published 28.06.2020 15:43

by Kanika Saxena and Nirmal John from
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Similarly, the speed test case has been reduced to 10 test cases from 50 (still image to non-ingested video) and 30 (video to video) test cases against 180 seconds.

For a speed test on non-ingested video to still image, the previous version had 50 test cases for videos of 300mb and 10-60 seconds each to be tested against the speed of 10 seconds, but according to the revised version, the speed test will now be conducted on only 10 test cases of 10-300 seconds each at the rate of 10 seconds for a 1 million NIST-format database.

The speed and accuracy parameter of the facial-recognition system has been revised to include fewer test cases in comparison with the previous version.

This is a major change from the previous version of the request for proposal (RFP), which heavily emphasised on extracting data from CCTV cameras.

The bidder should have appeared in the NIST Facial Recognition Vendor Test evaluation programme conducted by NIST 2016 or later, with at least three automated facial-recognition system installations in law enforcement or government agencies worldwide in the last 10 years.