Basemark GPU will be the first benchmark for Apple Silicon based Macs

published 26.06.2020 07:30

by Aleksandark Friday from

—Basemark teamBasemark Oy is a privately held stock corporation registered and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.Basemark develops unique software and provides expert services for the global automotive, consumer electronics and semiconductor industries.The company develops system performance evaluation tools such as Basemark Automotive Testing Suite (BATS) and Basemark GPU.

With GPU 1.2 you can compare performance of integrated graphics solutions across Mac devices, but also against devices with different OS (Windows, Android, Linux) and GPUs (Nvidia, AMD etc.).

There is no public information available about it.Basemark is working on adding 100% compatibility to Apple Silicon to our cross-platform GPU 1.2 benchmark.

Apple released quite a lot of information about their plans, but one key question remained unanswered: how fast are Apple's new ARM based Mac chips?Apple said people should expect pure performance in one category in particular - graphical performance.

On Monday 22nd of June Apple announced Mac transition to Apple Silicon.