Trump makes vandalising national monuments punishable offence with up to 10 yrs jail

added 28.06.2020 08:49

“Today President Trump has taken swift action to protect and preserve our nation's history from mob violence by signing an executive order directing the enforcement of laws that carry firm penalties of incarceration for those found guilty of desecrating public monuments,” White House Press Secretary said, adding that the order will provide assistance for the protection of federal monuments, memorials, statues and property.

State and local law enforcement agencies that fail to protect monuments, memorials and statues will be subject to the withholding of federal support.

Under the order, the federal government is directed to prosecute any person or entity that damages or defaces religious property and withhold certain federal support from state and local governments that fail to protect public monuments, memorials and statues from destruction or vandalism.

Over the last five weeks, there has been a sustained assault on the life and property of civilians, law enforcement officers , government property and revered American monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial, Trump said.

The order comes in the wake of rioters defacing and destroying historical sites, monuments and statues in the country as violence erupted following the brutal custodial death of African-American George Floyd on May 25.