Apple's Find My App Is Gaining Support For Third-Party Accessories

published 27.06.2020 22:54

by Oliver Haslam from

One of those is the fact that the Find My app is set to gain support for third-party accessories via the new Find My network accessory program.

Just as it sounds, the program will allow third-party products like those from Tile to tie into the Find My app, similar to the Home app and third-party smart home accessories.

Find My‌ will add support for finding third-party products and accessories with the new ‌Find My‌ network accessory program.

Apple has been in the dock lately over claims of anti-competitive practices and Tile is one company that has been vocal about the way Apple’s own products and apps have advantages that others don’t.

Apple is making the specification available to accessory makers already and it will be interesting to see what kind of adoption it sees.