Roscosmos Will Send Two Space Tourists For First Civilian Spacewalk In 2023

published 26.06.2020 15:14

by Mashable News from

After which, the Roscosmos State Corporation, along with RSC Energia, launched seven space tourists aboard its Soyuz spacecraft under contracts with Space Adventures for eight short commercial missions between 2001 and 2009.

The two space tourists will be able to enjoy a 14-day stay at space station, but the highlight of the mission is that one of the participants will have the opportunity to perform a spacewalk!

This comes after Russian manufacturer, RSC Energia and the American space tourism company, Space Adventures Inc. signed a contract for the short duration spaceflight mission with two participants.

Roscosmos is set to launch two tourists to the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a Soyuz MS spacecraft in 2023.

Following which, the Roscosmos paused its space tourism launch missions, mainly because the space agency’s Soyuz rocket became the only way to ferry astronauts to the ISS after the end of NASA’s Space Shuttle program in 2011.